In 2019, five webinar sessions were organised on robot bus topics introducing basic concepts, specific terminology and technologies commonly encountered in the field of automated mobility.

A new era of transportation

Increasingly many cities and public transport authorities are confronted with mobility innovations. Autonomous public transport is one of the “hot topics” that will radically change the urban mobility scene within the next decade. Several European cities have already gained experience with automated shuttle buses and many other cities have an interest in doing so. However, automated shuttles are not yet finished products and not ready for cost effective operation. Therefore, pilots in cities are critical to enable the development of the autonomous vehicles and their related systems.

However, employees at municipalities or other procuring entities often do not have in-depth knowledge regarding these novel technologies. Knowing all details is not always necessary, but when taking part in a pilot or procurement for (shared) autonomous mobility, it is essential to be aware of the fundamentals on, for example, sensors, positioning, cyber threats and charging. To bridge the knowledge gap, the FABULOS project launched the FABULOS Academy. The primary target group were the cities and procuring authorities: first and foremost the FABULOS Preferred Partners.

Five webinar topics

In 2019, the FABULOS Consortium hosted five one-hour webinars:

1. Properties of electric vehicles, 14 February 2019 (download presentation)
4. Cyber threats and threat mitigation, 3 September 2019 (download presentation)