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Passenger survey results 20.10.2020 - Without acceptance by citizens, shared autonomous mobility innovations will never become a widespread mode of transportation. Therefore, in the FABULOS requirements, there… ...

R&D based requirements 30.09.2020 - In the FABULOS Pre-Commercial Procurement the three consortia carry out their R&D based on the requirements of six cities. These requirements are… ...

FABULOS project puts robot buses to the streets 29.05.2020 - PRESS RELEASE 29 MAY 2020 After 1.5 years of developing autonomous shuttle solutions, the FABULOS project now brings robot buses to the… ...

Phase 3 consortia matched with the partnering cities 06.02.2020 - The FABULOS procuring partners awarded three international consortia with contracts for the final phase of the pre-commercial procurement. These consortia will pilot… ...

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FABULOS Final Conference - Helsinki, 18 February 2021 During the Final Conference will dive deeper into the three different prototype solutions tested in 2020. The experiences from… ...

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