Six FABULOS Academy webinars introduces the basic concepts, specific terminology and technologies commonly encountered in the field of automated mobility. The target group is cities and procuring authorities: first and foremost, the FABULOS Preferred Partners. In addition, other cities and procuring authorities can register for the webinars.

The topic of the fifth FABULOS Academy webinar is “Wireless communication for autonomous vehicles”. There are two presenters: Head of Mobile Technology Jamo Niemelä and Senior Development Manager Minna Vatilo from Elisa Oyj, which is one of the leading telecommunications and digital services companies in Finland.

The webinar will focus on mobile technologies (2G­–6G) and relevance of all these to remote operations of the autonomous shuttles.

7 October 2019, 14.30–15.30 Finnish time (CET+1)

Webinar (link will be provided for those registered)

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