Phase 2 Consortia

In the first phase of the FABULOS pre-commercial procurement, the five consortia developed their concept and system architecture in order to respond to the mobility needs of the procuring cities. All consortia were successful in Phase 1 and received a full compensation for their work. Based on the evaluation by the FABULOS Technical Evaluation Committee, the four consortia that reached all the critical thresholds were invited for the second phase of the pre-commercial procurement. The awarded consortia proceeding to prototyping and lab testing of their FABULOS solution are:

  • FVF Consortium has three partners from Finnish and one from Estonian. is the lead procurer and provider of remote driving and fleet management technology. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is mainly responsible for self-driving technology development. Nodeon is a technology provider specialised in the design and implementation of technology solutions in critical infrastructure environment and is responsible for business and service development. Estonian AuVe Tech is a subcontractor in charge of vehicle engineering and prototypes.
  • Mobile Civitatem Consortium with one Danish and four Estonian partners: Autonomous Mobility from Denmark and Modern Mobility, Tallinn University of Technology, AuVeTech and Fleet Complete from Estonia. This consortium is building and testing their own Iseauto vehicle, together with new automated driving systems.
  • Saga Consortium with four partners: Halogen, Forus PRT and Ramboll Management Consulting from Norway together with Spare Labs from Canada. The team is interdisciplinary and consists of a design and project management team from Halogen and operators from Forus PRT. Software integration and smart transport solutions are provided by Spare. Finally, management consulting and traffic engineers come from Ramboll Management Consulting.
  • Sensible 4 – Shotl Consortium with two partners: Sensible 4 from Finland and Shotl Transportation from Spain. Sensible 4 has successfully developed and tested its driverless vehicles under the harsh conditions of the Nordic winter while Shotl is running a flexible on demand technology in de-central contexts of limited connectivity across Europe and beyond. The consortium is utilising the recently launched automated Gacha bus from Sensible4 and MUJI.

Phase 1 Consortia

After the closing of the FABULOS request for tenders in end of October 2018, the tenders were assessed by the Technical Evaluation Committee. In addition to commercial feasibility and project management, nine functional criteria and three non-functional criteria were used. The functional criteria ranged from fleet management and remote operation and all the way to requirements for vehicle capabilities in mixed traffic. Societal and legal aspects form elements of the non-functional criteria. In total, five European consortia succeeded in the first stage of the competition totalling to 16 companies from six European countries as follows:

  • FVF Consortium consisting of three Finnish partners: Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Oy and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
  • Kompai-Actia Consortium consisting of two French companies: Kompaï Robotics and Actia Automobile.
  • Mobile Civitatem Consortium consisting of four partners from Estonia: Modern Mobility Oü, Tallinn University of Technology, Silberauto Eesti AS and Ecofleet Eesti Oü. The fifth member of the consortium is the Danish company Autonomous Mobility A/S.
  • Saga Consortium consisting of four Norwegian partners: Halogen AS, Forus PRT AS, Spare Labs Inc. and Ramboll Management Consulting AS.
  • Sensible 4 – Shotl Consortium consisting of two partners: Sensible 4 from Finland and Shotl from Spain.