Procuring partners

  • Forum Virium Helsinki, Finland (Coordinator and Lead procurer)
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia
  • Municipality of Gjesdal, Norway
  • Municipality of Helmond, Netherlands 
  • Municipality of Lamia, Greece 
  • Sociedade Transportes Colectivos do Porto (STCP),
    Public transport service provider in the Metropolitan area of Porto, Portugal

Technical partner

  • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Preferred partners

To ensure the further validation of the pre-commercial procurement challenge definition and more direct future market up-take for the solution, the FABULOS project has set up a Preferred partner group consisting of cities and public procurers. Preferred partners are entities that have a special interest in closely following the project. They provide information and opinions to help the procuring partners’ decision-making as well as promote the results of the FABULOS project. At the moment the Preferred partners are:

  • City of Buenos Aires (AR)
  • City of Copenhagen (DK)
  • City of Delphi (GR)
  • City of Fundão (PT)
  • City of Ghent (BE)
  • City of Kongsberg (NO)
  • City of Torino(IT)
  • City of Trikala (GR)
  • City of Tuusula (FI)
  • City of Velje (DK)
  • City of Vantaa (FI)
  • MOVIA – the Regional Transportation Company for the Greater Copenhagen region (DK)
  • Porto Digital (PT)
  • Region of Stavanger (NO)

Following partners

Following partners are cities and/or public procurers with a keen interest in the FABULOS project and its outcomes. They are not required to have any experience on automated public transport in their respective cities or regions, but they are interested to learn more and potentially procure one of the solutions after the FABULOS pre-commercial procurement has been closed in 2020. Procuring organisations that would like to become a Follower can contact Forum Virium Helsinki via [email protected].