Interested in piloting in Las Vegas?

In order to bring European State of the Art in autonomous urban mobility to the American market, the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility is inviting enquiries from FABULOS participants who would be interested in engaging resources in Las Vegas, Nevada during the design, prototype development, field testing stages or eventual deployment of a fleet of self-driving minibuses. This may be to validate the chosen technology in the North American market through to showcasing at one of the trade shows such as SEAM Show or Consumer Electronics Show.

AMOS boosts development of smart traffic

Las Vegas has experience with a range of autonomous transportation solutions. Since late 2017 an automated shuttle has been operating in downtown Las Vegas through eight city intersections, six traffic lights, and two stop signs, without a driver. Since the Consumer Electronic Show 2018 Lyft and Aptiv have been operating what could be the first commercial autonomous vehicle fleet in and around the Las Vegas strip. This fleet consists of automated BMW 5 Series vehicles and is accessible by any user of the Lyft app.

In addition, Nevada CAM will be launching the Advanced Mobility Operations Sandbox (AMOS) in late 2018. AMOS is a public/private partnership designed to source, accelerate and validate technologies that prepare the fleet management and operations ecosystem for autonomous vehicles. The line between public and private transportation is blurring and everything from rider experience and scheduling to maintenance and emergency response is going to be impacted. AMOS aims to be a channel for innovation in the ‘back office’ of fleet operations and funding will be made available for this.

Direct enquiries to: challenge(at)