IT–Trans: International conference and exhibition

IT-Trans is the worldwide leading Conference on intelligent urban transport systems. Since 2008, decision-makers and industry experts have come together every two years at Messe Karlsruhe to exchange, discuss and redevelop digital solutions.

Digitalisation is metamorphosing public transport, bringing with it many opportunities and challenges. It has led to the development of advanced technologies, as well as new business models. Digitalisation brings a host of opportunities for the public transport sector, including opportunities to increase efficiency and improve quality, reduce costs, open up new revenue streams, improve customer experience and loyalty, and explore new services. These innovative services include, for example, concepts such as ‘Mobility as a Service’ and emerging technologies like autonomous mobility. However, it also brings significant challenges such as data privacy, cyber security etc. which must be faced. Increasing digitalisation of public transport has led to an exponential growth of the volume of data and information, from multiple sources consumed by a diverse range of actors.

The emergence of new mobility players is also creating possibilities for partnership. Through a variety of session formats, the Conference will focus on innovation and concrete recommendations for the implementation of IT solutions. This will be framed in high level plenary sessions, focusing on the impact of digitalisation on the sector, the smart city, the smart traveller and the future of urban mobility.

On 2 December Technical Project Manager Ulla Tikkanen speaks about smart mobility systems and autonomous driving during the session titled “Autonomous mobility on demand” (timing 9.30–10.45).

1–3 December 2020


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