The survey for procurers is part of the FABULOS Open Market Consultation. The input of procurers is crucial to the FABULOS Consortium since it enables to shape the request for tender launched on 1 September 2018. The questionnaire also contributes to defining the evaluation criteria of the pre-commercial procurement process. Organisations with a role or interest in the procurement of public transport are kindly asked to answer the questions below as completely as possible.

When filling in the questionnaire, please keep the FABULOS challenge in mind: the design, development and testing of smart systems capable of operating a fleet of self-driving minibuses in urban environments. This enables the companies to develop an all-inclusive turnkey solution for the operations of an autonomous bus line. Solutions should include software, hardware, fleet and services. Furthermore, solutions must be tested and validated on a large-scale inside cities.

Input of procurers is important, because in the development of new mobility services, cities act as enablers of innovation in various ways:

  • Procuring solutions from companies which can be integrated in the transport systems available in the cities.
  • Opening data and service interfaces of cities for private companies enabling them to build and run their services.
  • Providing, for example exemptions, testing grounds and storage facilities, to companies to test their solutions.
  • Reacting in an agile way to innovations and opportunities by quickly removing the barriers created by old regulation and practices.

The results of the survey will be published in the Open Market Consultation Summary Report available on the FABULOS website by end of June 2018.

The survey for procurers will be open between 3–27 April 2018.

The survey has been closed.