Use the form below to submit your offer. Before uploading your offer, check carefully that all the Forms have been filled in and signed. Furthermore, please name your documents clearly: NAME CONSORTIUM_Form A (B, C, …) and check that all  the nine Forms have been uploaded. You will receive a confirmation email when the offer has been successfully submitted.

The use of the following Forms is mandatory:

  • Form A: General tender submission form
  • Form B: Exclusion criteria
  • Form C: Selection criteria
  • Form D: Compliance criteria
  • Form E: Technical offer
  • Form F: Financial offer and cost breakdown
  • Form G: Financial offer Phase 1

If you have any questions regarding the FABULOS Request of the Tenders, please read the Tendering Guide or contact FABULOS coordinator: [email protected].

On 1 November 2018 the offers will be opened by Lead Procurer Forum Virium Helsinki and checked for completeness. Then, the evaluation will begin and tenderers will be notified of the decision on the award of the contracts on 30 November 2018 by email.