Pilot site survey

  • Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the survey!
  • The aim for the survey is to gain understanding of the future piloting expectations, as well as route conditions and needs in all the Partner cities. The answers will provide us with useful information, together with the Open Market Consultation for companies, to be later used when defining the assessment criteria for Request for Tenders for the operating system of an automated bus system. We are now looking for novel innovative solutions, so feel free to have high expectations for the pilot in your city!
  • We kindly ask you to present draft maps on the Pilot route option A and the Pilot route option B (2 separate pictures). The questions in the survey will be related to one route at the time, so it is important that the picture is attached in order to make it understandable to others.
  • Due to these two route options, the survey should be filled and submitted twice: first answering to the Pilot route option A related questions and submitting the map of the route A together with possible supplementary pictures, and secondly, doing so for the pilot option B.
  • Please name the route options “Option A” and “Option B” in the first comment box. Add an extra description if you wish (e.g. Option A – Harbor route, or the name of the neighbourhood the pilot will be located on etc.). This will help identifying the routes more easily.
  • The survey consists of answering questions about each Partner’s expectations towards piloting, operating systems and vehicles, as well as conditions on site and support and/or infrastructure provided by the Partner. You should consider 2020 situation and also set the ambition level high enough!
  • Please answer by ticking adequate boxes. Uploading attachments is possible in the end, and there you should upload at least the route option draft map. Additionally, you can add pictures of difficult parts of the route if they are already identified. In the end, there is also one section focused on estimating the service level of the route.
  • Finally, remember that the questions are based on the specific route option and its conditions, so each route option requires one round of filling the survey. Let’s begin!