Survey: Prototyping and field testing preparations

The aim for this survey is to gain a holistic understanding on how the automated driving and field testing are regulated locally, how the process is for obtaining permissions, and which stakeholders should be consulted and included in the prototyping and field test phases. Some regulations may vary from country to country, so we are also gathering information and based on that forming a perception of the current regulation situation of AV testing around Europe. Please feel free to use previous AV cases from your region as examples, and also consult them for advice.

Based on the answers of this survey, we will create a checklist to be later used in the prototyping and field testing preparations.

Answer by ticking the adequate box after the question and and/or filling the open comment fields when necessary. Please kindly submit the filled survey by Jun 8.

About the terminology used in the survey:

  • The term “operator” refers to the driver of the vehicle, being the person who makes decisions on the movement of the vehicle (located inside or outside of the vehicle).
  • By “local”, we here mean on a national level. However, if there are more specific local municipality etc. level regulations, please specify.